Things to Do in Arlington Heights

Welcome to Arlington Heights, Illinois—a community that’s a cocktail of culture, history, and, yes, actual cocktails if you know where to look! From our intriguing museums to world-class eateries, this guide will help you unlock the local favorites and must-visit places that make this area special. So, put on your explorer’s hat; we’re diving into the absolute best “things to do in Arlington Heights.”

Unveil History at our Historical Museum

First stop on your adventure should be the Arlington Heights Historical Museum. Trust us, this is not your standard walk-through-a-hall-and-forget-it kind of museum. Instead, it offers a tactile plunge into our town’s rich history, featuring carefully restored homes and lifelike replicas of businesses from yesteryears. Every corner and artifact is a storyteller, allowing you to lose yourself in the town’s vibrant past. Did we mention their stunning exhibit of vintage dolls and dollhouses? Whether you’re planning a quaint family outing or seeking a unique venue for your next meeting, this museum provides an unmatched, memory-making setting.

Downtown: Your Passport to the World

Downtown Arlington Heights

Nothing screams ‘community’ like our bustling downtown, a microcosm of global cultures packed into a walkable, vibrant district. From the aromatic scents of Thai spices wafting from Bangkok Cafe to the hearty laughter echoing from Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Pub, you’ll be globe-trotting without even leaving Arlington Heights. And we’ve got to talk about the shopping—boutiques with curated, eclectic offerings that you just won’t find anywhere else. Picture-perfect streets and plazas offer ample Instagrammable moments, making downtown a haven for both aesthetic and gastronomic adventures.

Farm Fresh and More at the Arlington Heights Farmers Market

Okay, fellow locavores, prepare to be enchanted by the towns Farmers Market. Organized by our own Historical Society, this isn’t just a place to grab fresh produce—it’s a tribute to the town’s culture and values. Stationed conveniently next to the Arlington Heights Historical Museum, the market transforms ordinary errands into an educational experience. Think farm-to-table cheeses, just-baked pastries, and seasonal events that celebrate the heart of our community. Don’t miss this local institution; it’s an essential part of your list of “things to do in Arlington Heights.”

Downtown Arlington Heights

Mitsuwa Marketplace: A Taste of Japan in the Heartland

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Ever thought you’d find a slice of Tokyo in Arlington Heights, Illinois? Well, at Mitsuwa Marketplace, you can! It’s a paradise for foodies and culture enthusiasts alike, with an extensive range of Japanese goods—from Manga comics to culinary treats like takoyaki balls. Trust us; this food court is a cultural dive, offering sushi, ramen, tempura, and bubble teas that are out of this world. And for the literary among us, the in-store bookstore is a treasure trove of Manga and Japanese literature.

Rejuvenate at Busse Woods: Your Nature Escape

Need a digital detox? We get it. That’s why Busse Woods Forest Preserve is our go-to sanctuary. This lush expanse is an open invitation for hiking, cycling, or simply basking in the natural beauty that borders Arlington Heights. And get this—you can even spot a herd of elk while you’re there! If water activities are more your speed, Lake Busse offers rowboat and kayak rentals, making it a summertime must-visit.

Busse Woods

So, there you have it—our expertly curated list of must-visit spots and activities that showcase the diverse and vibrant tapestry of Arlington Heights, Illinois. Whether you’re new to the area or a longtime resident looking to rediscover your hometown, we guarantee there’s always something novel to experience.

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