Carla Jaime-Howski


License Number: 475.179851

About Me

Born and raised in Chicago, Carla Jaime-Howski’s affinity for real estate was nurtured amid the city’s architectural diversity. Transitioning to the northwest suburbs during her middle school years, her local market knowledge became expansive. The segue into real estate came naturally following a successful stint in sales. Carla revels in aiding clients through their real estate ventures, embodying a client-centric approach grounded in mutual respect and transparency.

Outside the real estate realm, Carla’s interests are varied. A fitness enthusiast, she enjoys biking, walking her dog, and exploring the outdoors. Her creativity finds an outlet in arts and crafts, while gardening has become a cherished hobby. Versed in multiple languages, Carla’s lifelong learning endeavor continues as she constantly seeks to add another language to her repertoire. The joy she derives from seeing her clients contented with the service provided, especially appreciating the real estate knowledge shared post-transaction, is immeasurable. Her multi-faceted background not only enriches her personal life but also translates into a well-rounded, understanding, and effective partnership with her clients.

Carla Jaime-Howski

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